The King Of Dragon Pass


In ancient times, a dragon in the form of a man approached the Orlanthi people in Heortland, offering peace and friendship with the dragons and a home in Dragon Pass. Those that accepted the offer traveled across the sea to this new land, and together, they and the dragons built a grand civilization.

Legend has it that one day the, dragons, for reasons unknown, turned on the Orlanthi people in dragon Pass and ate them all, save one shipful of men who were able to escape back to Heortland.

Centuries passed, and the people of Heortland fell under hard times. Food and resources were scarce, and their lands were invaded by a tyrant who called himself Pharoah. Once again, a number of Orlanthi made the hard decision to travel to Dragon Pass, to make a new peace with the dragons, or, if need be, fight them to avenge their ancestors.

But when they arrived, they found no sign of the dragons. The wonders and structures built during the Age of Dragonpeace were in ruins, abandoned to crumble and rot. Monsters and faery folk had taken up residence in many of the old ruins. More still prowled the plains and forests at night.

Centuries more passed. The Orlanthi pilgrims settled the land, bringing with them old friendships and feuds. Dragon Pass is a realm without a king. Will anyone have the strength to unite the Orlanthi clans and build a kingdom strong enough to survive?

The King Of Dragon Pass

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