The King Of Dragon Pass

The Story So Far

Tamuril and Aruna Pallanen, half elf sisters hailing from the Vacilitus Clan, made a name for themselves among their village by retrieving a sacred totem, which had been stolen by goblins, and joined the Warriors of Humakt in eliminating an undead scourge. Afterward, they did battle with a group of thieves seeking a hidden treasure.
More recently they, with the help of their friend Luighseach, investigated the mysterious Minas Casse and defeated the evil wizard lurking within.

They were then asked, after meeting the warrior Julian, by Mikor, chief of the Blackrock clan to rescue his betrothed, Lana. He claimed she had been kidnapped by bandits, and was willing to pay each of them a cow for her safe return. Once the party found her, however, they discovered that she was not the victims of bandits at all, but rather had escaped with a group of gypsies, the leader of which, Voluril Ocing, she intended to marry. She explained that Mikor had, in fact, kidnapped her, claiming her as his bride by his right as an Orlanthi chief. In truth, she was a noble member of an Amazon tribe, but had left them for Voluril. The party decided to find the amazons and convince them(after retrieving a group of their slaves from a gang of ogres) to send an emissary to the Blackrock clan, to confirm the true identity of Lana and dissolve Mikor’s legal claim to her. They were successful, but the party has been banished from the Black Rock Clan Tula and Mikor has declared a feud with the Vacilitus Clan.


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